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5 Reasons to Use GetResponse for Email Marketing


Thinking of using GetResponse for your email marketing?

There are plenty of reasons to consider this option.

GetResponse is a powerful tool for lead nurturing and email marketing.

No matter what kind of business you run, or the type of industry you’re in, email marketing is one of the best ways to ensure you can connect with your customer. More than any other promotional tool, email marketing can speak to your clients at every stage of the purchasing cycle.

Email messages can grab the attention of customers who want to learn about new products and services and convince people on the fence to make a purchase. It’s also the tool you’ll use to retain the relationship with your customers over time. A good email series can turn a one-time customer into a loyal advocate for your brand.

GetResponse is one of the many tools companies can use to make their email campaigns more effective. The question is, does this email marketing tool suit your needs?

What is GetResponse? Introducing GetResponse

A trusted solution for email marketing success, GetResponse helps companies will all kinds of lead nurturing activities. You can use the service to create custom email mailing lists and capture crucial data about your audience. GetResponse makes it easy to engage with audience members through customized, segmented messages, so you can boost online sales too.

More than just your average email marketing tool, GetResponse combines a host of services into a simple platform to empower the modern business. Alongside email marketing, you’ll have access to popup forms, website building tools, paid ads, sales funnels, and landing pages.

Even better, GetResponse ensure you can track the performance of each campaign effectively, with customizable reports and insights.

So, what are the reasons you might choose GetResponse for email marketing?

1.    Email Marketing Templates and Customization

When it comes to email marketing, an attractive email builder is a crucial investment. The best email marketing tools give you a host of professional templates to choose from, but they’ll also ensure you can customize each design to suit your needs.

GetResponse offers a convenient drag-and-drop email builder, which you can use to transform the appearance of over 100 templates. Though some email marketing software solutions do have more templates than this to offer, you’ll still get plenty of variety with GetResponse.

The clean and intuitive email creator comes with all the features you need to update your emails. You can access image boxes, buttons, widgets, and even add your business logo. To simplify the art of creating the perfect layout, GetResponse organizes everything into straightforward blocks. It’s a wonderful solution for beginners.

Another point to note about GetResponse’s email templates, is the library is organized by marketing goal. You can browse templates based on what you want to achieve, with categories for selling, education, promotion, and welcoming. There’s even an in-built photo editor, so you can make each image in your template stand out.

Once you’re done designing, you’ll be able to preview your email on both web and mobile displays, to see how everything will look.

2.    Conversion Funnels

One of the best things about GetResponse is it doesn’t just let you connect with your audience through emails – it also helps you to generate crucial leads too. The GetResponse service comes with ready-made automated sales funnel creators, complete with access to landing page templates, lead magnet pages, and opt-in funnels designed to convert.

The easy-to-use software makes it easy to choose what kind of funnel you want to build (such as sales, webinar, or lead magnet), and gives you a template to work with. Once you’ve got your required template, you can fill in the blanks with a host of additional tools, like Facebook ads built directly within GetResponse, for capturing lead attention, and landing pages for conversion.

GetResponse also supports signup forms, which you can build into your landing pages, or exit-intent popups designed to capture your customer and convince them to stick around. Once you’ve captured your potential leads, you can automatically organize them into your email marketing list, segmenting each customer based on important details like demographics and behavior.

There aren’t a lot of email marketing and automation software solutions that cover the conversion funnel from start to finish like GetResponse. Other features of the conversion funnel ecosystem include:

  • Website building and store creation
  • Ecommerce integrations with Etsy, Shopify, and WooCommerce
  • Abandoned cart order emails
  • Sales pages with instant checkout experiences
  • Product recommendations based on customer preference
  • One-click upsell pages
  • Payment processors like PayPal
  • Automated order confirmations

3.    Analytics and Reporting

GetResponse offers an excellent selection of reporting and analytical tools, to help you get the most ROI out of your email marketing strategies. You’ll get basic insights like clickthrough and open rate, as well as unsubscribe rates. At the same time, there’s a host of additional reporting options too.

For instance, if you need to improve your chances of up-selling and cross-selling by sending campaigns specifically to the people who engaged with another newsletter, you can use one-click segmentation. You’ll also get information on things like “metrics over time”, which shows you when most of your subscribers take action on emails, so you can time future campaigns better.

Per-user information shows you where customers signed up from, and where they’re located, as well as the emails they opened in the past. There’s also email ROI, which allows you to add tracking code to your post-sales pages on your websites to see whether you’re really making more sales from some emails over others.

On top of your analytics and reporting options, you’ll also be able to split-test your campaigns, which involves sending variants of your newsletters to people on your subscriber list. GetResponse allows you to run split test using as many as five different content variants and subject headers.

4.    Landing Pages and Forms

We’ve already looked at some of the options for improving your sales strategies with sales funnels. However, GetResponse can also help you out with things like collecting new subscribers. The comprehensive landing page creator included with GetResponse allows businesses to create responsive designs for squeeze pages, and lead magnets.

You can test the conversion rates of multiple pages against each other, then focus your budget on the best-performing option. This really helps GetResponse to stand out among other email marketing tools which require you to use a third-party creator to design your sign-up pages.

GetResponse’s landing page functionality is also available on all plans. Given that the leading landing page tools out there often cost a lot of money to subscribe to on a monthly basis, you’re saving quite a bit of cash by using a service which gives you everything in one package.

Despite being extremely affordable and accessible, landing pages from GetResponse aren’t basic. There are tons of templates to choose from, and everything looks contemporary in appearance.

Once you’ve converted potential leads into subscribers, you can add them to your marketing automation funnels, determining how to nurture each lead with segmentation.

5.    GetResponse Webinars

Finally, one of the most appealing features of GetResponse, is it’s ability to assist with setting up webinars. This is another feature of GetResponse which you simply won’t see on the majority of email marketing tools and website builders. However, since webinars are one of the best ways to gain leads and generate attention for your brand, it makes sense that GetResponse would offer them.

If you’re a business planning on sharing valuable information with your customers through educational webinars, GetResponse could be the perfect tool for you. The webinar creation tool is excellent, and it combines with all the information you have on your email database too.

The pricing for the webinar tools within the GetResponse ecosystem is also surprisingly competitive, particularly when compared with other leading solutions for webinar management. The GetResponse Plus plan for Webinar creation also allows you to have up to 100 participants in a webinar with no issues, so that’s a nice start if you’re starting off small.

Combined with your email marketing strategy, the use of webinars can help you to generate a higher return on investment and build a more engaged audience. You might even benefit from an improved brand image too.

Is GetResponse Right for You?

GetResponse represents one of the more cost-effective solutions for hosting your email database and communicating with your target audience. It’s priced as a competitive solution in comparison to the rest of the marketplace, and it provides a host of advanced features you won’t always find elsewhere.

It’s tough to find an email marketing solution capable of genuinely giving an all-around experience. GetResponse offers a level of all-inclusive functionality that other services simply can’t compete with. You also get the added benefit of a longer free-trial length too.

If you’re looking for all of the features you need for email marketing, lead collection, nurturing, and even webinar functionality, GetResponse has you covered.



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