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5 Reasons to Use Moosend for Email Marketing


Thinking of using Moosend for email marketing? You’re not alone.

Love it or hate it, email marketing isn’t going anywhere.

There are around 3.9 billion email users worldwide, and the number keeps growing every day. Despite the growing prevalence of things like social media and instant messaging, email continues to be the number one way to get into your customer’s pocket – any time of day.

The question for today’s companies is, how are you going to launch your email marketing campaign?

Moosend offers a safe, affordable, and feature-rich solution for email marketing, designed for all kinds of businesses. Intended to accelerate business growth with intelligent campaigns and useful tools, Moosend will give you the templates you need to design stunning autoresponders and email series.

This email marketing software could even help you to understand your customers, giving you insights into how and where you can upsell or cross-sell to gain more income. #

So, is Moosend right for you?

What is Moosend? Introducing Moosend for email marketing

Moosend is a popular email marketing automation platform. Though there are other features available in the Moosend ecosystem besides email autoresponders, the main purpose of the platform is to leverage your email list.

Promising customers the fastest path from email marketing to business growth, Moosend is a user-friendly solution, ideal for beginners who haven’t used trigger-based marketing report.

The software makes it extremely easy for companies to launch their first email campaigns, with access to a free plan. What’s more, you can integrate a host of other tools like CRMs and ecommerce builders too.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you might want to use a service like Moosend.

1.    Easy Email Marketing Templates

Let’s start with the basics. Great email marketing campaigns don’t get far without attractive templates. In the past, designing amazing email campaigns required developer and HTML knowledge. These days, tools like Moosend do the hard work for you with pre-built templates and tools.

Moosend’s email templates are very attractive and professional. There are dozens to choose from, and they’re all organized into an easy-to-use gallery. You can save your templates to re-use them later and access a set of “favorite” templates too. There’s even the option to browse through designs based on the nature of your campaign.

Once you’ve chosen a design you’re happy with, you can edit it to suit your brand with the drag-and-drop editor. Just pull the modules you want into place on the page, embedding things like images, videos, and interactive buttons – all without HTML.

To make finding stunning visuals for your campaigns a little easier, Moosend also has access to a range of photo resources, like stock photos, and Giphy. You can also integrate your Facebook account, Instagram, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

2.    Segmentation and Personalization

If you want any chance of earning your customer’s trust, loyalty, and money, you need to personalize your email campaigns. With Moosend, this is a pretty easy process. You can choose to send emails specifically to people who did or didn’t open your last email, or segment contacts according to their last purchase.

Moosend’s segmentation features are some of the best on the market. You can add multiple granular fields to each segment, and personalize your content based on user actions. For instance, aside from just using your customer’s first name in your email, you can check out their last purchase, and make suggestions on what they should buy next based on that information.

The conditional blocks in your email templates allow you to make dynamic email campaigns. This means the content changes according to specific information about each subscriber’s profile. You can even set your system up to make unique product recommendations and send the most relevant blog posts to your customers with every campaign.

3.    Easy Marketing Automations

Since email automation is the number one feature of Moosend, it makes sense this should also be one of the software’s major selling points. The Moosend email automation system makes creating unique workflows as simple as possible. You can build entire automated campaigns according to your specific email marketing calendar, using a straightforward user interface.

Just like the email design editor, the workflow builder is also drag-and-drop. You can choose specific triggers for each stage in the customer journey, such as sending an email when someone submits a form, or when someone forgets to finish checking out with their cart.

If you’ve never built an automated campaign before – don’t panic. Moosend has pre-built templates and workflows you can test out instead. There are various options to explore here, including onboarding workflows to welcome people to your company and workflows just for VIPs.

Of all the email automation tools we’ve used; this is easily one of the simplest. All you need to do is click the triggers and responses you like into place and add how long you want to wait between sending emails. You also get lead-scoring built-in, which means you can set up different campaigns based on the kind of lead you have.

If a user places an order, for instance, this automatically places their lead score higher than someone who just clicks on your email. Using Moosend, you can decide what happens next for each type of lead easily and automatically.

4.    Landing Pages and Subscription Forms

Having a hard time getting people to subscribe to your communication plan? Moosend can help with that too. The drag-and-drop editor you used for building your email templates once again comes into play to help you design landing pages and subscription forms.

As you might expect from Moosend at this point, the experience is very straightforward, with the option to adjust all kinds of elements, from form fields, to background images, widgets, and designs. Ultra-fast loading pages are included as standard, so you’re more likely to keep your customers happy. Moosend also gives you help with Google ranking guidance.

All of Moosend’s landing pages look stunning on any platform. They come with extra features like countdown timers for FOMO and success booster modules like Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics tracking. You can even set your forms up for GDPR compliance.

Moosend also supports page versioning, WordPress plugins, encryption, and labels. Plus, you can use the Moosend ecommerce solution to process transactions within the pages you build. This means you could essentially build single-page stores for specific offers, as well as landing pages for collecting email addresses. We’d definitely recommend checking out the eCommerce AI from Moosend for insights into tools for cross-selling, product recommendations and subscription notifications.

5.    Reporting and Analytics

Finally, one of the best features to look for in any email marketing solution – is excellent reporting and analytics tools. If you’re going to constantly improve the performance of your email marketing efforts, you need to understand what works, and what doesn’t.

Moosend has built-in features to help you figure out the motives behind your customer’s actions, so you can reduce unsubscribes and improve sales. The comprehensive analytics system comes with features like behavioral analytics, to examine how people interact with your store. There are customizable reports, and even end-to-end customer conversation tracking.

You can examine things like open rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates, and keep an eye on what might be causing your customers to unsubscribe. Moosend gives you full access to all of the data you need about your customers, so you can make better decisions about what kind of campaigns to send next. Combine the reporting features with things like lead scoring to help you separate your VIPs from new subscribers, and you’ve got a really powerful set of tools.

Who Should Use MooSend for Email Marketing?

Moosend is a versatile and feature-rich tool perfect for a lot of companies. There’s a free plan for beginners, so you can test out some of the features before you commit to anything. Plus, even the paid plans are quite a bit cheaper than many of the similar alternatives. A flexible range of pricing plans should make it easy enough to find something that works for you.

Moosend’s exceptional ease of use will make it ideal for companies who don’t have a lot of experience building automated campaigns. You can design everything from email templates to automated workflows in no time. There are even tools for landing pages and subscription forms. Plus, Moosend benefits from excellent customer support, fantastic delivery rates, and an ever-growing selection of features.

While it’s worth noting you won’t have access to certain features like the landing page builder if you choose the free plan – that’s not much of a downside when you consider all of Moosend’s benefits. If you think this could be the marketing tool you’ve been looking for, we’d definitely recommend checking out the free version of the service, or signing up for a demo.



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