6 Reasons to Use AWeber for Email Marketing


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AWeber is a popular tool for today’s marketing teams and business owners.

If know you need autoresponders, transactional emails, and newsletters to engage and delight your audience, you need an email marketing service. But choosing the right one can be a challenge.

There are plenty of different email marketing software solutions available for brands today. Some are advanced, multi-channel systems designed to connect email campaigns with SMS and social media tools. Others are simple autoresponder systems, offering a convenient way to connect with your audience. The right choice for you depends on your email marketing goals.

Today we’re going to look at some of the reasons why you might pick AWeber for your email marketing efforts.

Introducing AWeber for Email Marketing

AWeber is a popular marketing automation tool, combining email advertising campaigns with web-based push notifications, landing pages, and extensive segmentation. According to the AWeber team, the software was specially designed to help businesses communicate more effectively with their customers. The permission-only email marketing service, high-quality landing pages, and a host of other tools come together to strengthen your relationships with customers.

AWebers features include a comprehensive landing page builder, with pre-designed templates to help you capture audience attention.

You can access pre-written email campaigns, help from certified experts to ensure your first advertisements are a success, and read comprehensive marketing guides. There’s also a range of pricing options to choose from, so you’re sure to find a solution to suit your business.

Let’s explore some of the top reasons to use AWeber.

1.    Email automation made simple

Automation is a must-have part of any successful email strategy. You need automation to send instant post-purchase emails to your customers, and to strengthen your chances of purchases over time with carefully-timed campaigns. Unfortunately, creating automations isn’t always simple.

There are plenty of email marketing tools out there with complex trigger-based campaign systems which you’ll spend days learning how to use. This isn’t the case with AWeber. Built specifically for ease of use, AWebers email automation solution comes with pre-built templates to help you create campaigns for specific occasions like:

  • Welcoming new contacts
  • Celebrating special occasions
  • Updating contacts about recent blog posts
  • Following up on abandoned carts
  • Upselling after a previous purchase

The clean and simple interface allows users to simply “drag and drop” waiting times, messages, and tags into place, until you build the ultimate automate campaign. You can begin with a pre-built campaign from AWeber, add your customizations, then make optimizations over time using the information you gain from the AWeber reporting section.

2.    Attractive Email Designs

AWeber allows companies to adapt and adjust the style of their email marketing campaigns to suit their brand. If you’re looking for a tool that gives your emails a more professional vibe, AWeber has you covered, with tons of pre-made templates to choose from, and countless ways to edit.

You can start from scratch or pick a template and customize it with your brand logo, a range of professional images, and unique colors. Adding headers, widgets, buttons, and other features is quick and simple, thanks to a cleanly-organized toolbar in the left-hand side of the screen. AWeber is also integrated directly with Canva, so you can add images from the Canva environment in seconds.

Like many of the most popular email marketing tools, AWeber allows users to drag and drop the elements of their email into place, then you can test what it’s going to look like on a smartphone screen or webpage. You can also access AWeber’s intelligent tool to pull branding details into your templates straight from your website URL.

3.    Effective Landing Page Builder

One of the things that makes AWeber so compelling as an email marketing tool, is it can help you to collect your initial leads in the first place. Using the same convenient drag-and-drop editing tools you get with the email marketing editor; you can customize and create a host of stunning landing pages in minutes. The landing page editor, like the email editor, comes with direct access to Canva.

You can also customize a host of different features, from the background and images to the form fields, buttons, and widgets on your landing page. You could even add things like videos to help engage and convert your visitors.

One particularly impressive thing about AWeber, is you can use its landing page for more than just collecting email subscribers. The in-built ecommerce features also mean you can take payments directly on a landing page, set up subscription plans, and more. There is a transaction fee for all users if you choose to access the ecommerce tools.

AWeber’s landing pages go above and beyond the solutions you’d usually expect from an email marketing tool. You can even access custom domains or connect your landing pages to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

4.    Impressive Sign-Up Forms

Outside of landing pages, AWeber also offers access to sign-up forms for your email automation strategy. You won’t get quite as many features on a sign-up form as you do on a landing page, but you can still easily design your own creation and add custom elements as you see fit. The AWeber sign-up forms give you complete control over things like form fields and button colors.

There are countless ready-to-use templates if you don’t want to design a sign-up form from scratch, and you get the added benefit of knowing they’re all built to be mobile responsive. You can even design dynamic forms that adapt according to your target audience.

For publishing purposes, the world is your oyster. You can create pop-up forms, pop-over forms, and lightbox forms that slide in and out of your website pages with ease.

Alternatively, you can embed your form into a page, or attract new subscribers on WordPress with a pre-built integration. AWeber also allows you to create forms for your Facebook pages, or you can link forms to your Facebook page to improve engagement.

Even if you don’t have a website, it’s easy enough to get started, AWeber can host your sign-up form for you and give you a link to share with your community.

5.    List Segmentation

Segmentation is a crucial part of making sure your customers actually read your emails. With AWeber, you can separate your customers in a range of different ways, arranging them by location, purchasing date, and other factors. There are custom fields, so you can label your subscribers however you choose, and tags which apply either manually or automatically to subscriber segments.

A dynamic tag, for instance, could immediately apply to a customer as soon as they open your last email, or after they make a recent purchase. Once you’ve got your list, you can also organize your subscribers based on who did or didn’t open a message, who clicked on links in specific emails, and which pages your subscribers visited on your website.

Dynamic, changeable segments make it easier to track the unique needs of your target audience, and build custom messages that really speak to people. The sign-up form builder offered by AWeber also helps you to request specific information to determine where people should go in your list after they sign up for your newsletter.

Ultimately, everything on the AWeber software is built to make sure you can deliver the most meaningful, personalized messages to your community.

6.    Reporting and Analytics

Finally, designing the perfect email campaign isn’t something most people do overnight. Companies need to commit to constantly upgrading and enhancing their email marketing efforts. The only way to do this is with the right tracking and analytical tools. AWeber delivers excellent solutions on this front, with visual reports to help you understand your audience.

You can track everything from the number of clicks you got in your previous email, to the number of sales coming directly from your email marketing efforts.

AWeber allows users to get in-depth with their analytics too, looking at things like sales in a specific time period, and which emails generate the most traffic in a set period of time. You can even check your reports on the move. There’s an app for iOS and Android which offers quick overviews of things like open and click rate.

Who Should Use AWeber?

Overall, AWeber is a fantastic tool for email marketing if you’re looking for a dynamic way to connect with your audience through personalized, engaging emails. The sign-up forms are fantastic, and the segmentation is extremely detailed, so you can get really personal with your audience. You’ll also have access to a lot of fantastic email templates, and free stock images from Canva to make your messages stand out.

AWeber is reasonably priced, with a free plan available, and it’s extremely easy to use. You’ll also get plenty of support from the service team, who have won awards in the past. However, you will be charged to host unsubscribed contacts on your account, and the landing page builder doesn’t quite provide the extensive A/B testing you need.

What do you think – is AWeber the right tool for your email marketing?



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