6 Reasons to Use Ontraport for Email Marketing


Should you be using Ontraport for email marketing?

Ontraport is just one of a rising number of email marketing tools available today.

After all, despite the rise of social media and other tools for online promotion, email continues to be the most effective way of connecting with your audience and converting leads. With almost any email marketing service, you can automate your marketing campaigns, improve your chances of converting your leads into sales, and improve brand reach.

So, what makes Ontraport such an attractive choice?

Why Use Ontraport?

Ontraport is a sales and marketing platform designed specifically for growing companies. According to the brand, the purpose of the Ontraport software is to help companies build, automate, and scale their communications with potential customers.

Thanks to an all-in-one environment for marketing and sales tools, you can create campaigns faster, and even deliver smarter, more personalized campaigns to your target audience. Though email marketing is the central feature of Ontraport, the solution also allows for form building, CRM contact management, and sales tracking.

Here are some of the best reasons to use Ontraport.

1.    Emails, Sales, and CRM in One

One of the biggest benefits of email marketing, is it helps you to build stronger relationships with your target audience. Over time, personalized emails will help you to turn every subscriber on your list into a dedicated brand advocate.

Unlike most email marketing tools, Ontraport helps not just with the automated campaign part of engaging your audience, but with the entire relationship development process. Ontraport’s software packages come with an included “Sales and CRM” system. The built-in CRM means you can collect information about all of your contacts automatically and use that data to personalize your emails.

The technology tracks all kinds of helpful data, from page visits to number of emails sent over time, and so on. You can also use the CRM and Sales system to assign specific tasks to your sales team. For instance, if you need a sales professional to follow up on a conversation with a potential client, you can send them a timed assignment which lets them know what to do next.

2.    Powerful Marketing Automations

The Ontraport email campaign builder is probably the most important feature you’ll use in this email marketing tool. Within the builder, you can create entire email workflows, complete with specific triggers to determine when each message should be sent to your target audience.

You can design your automations to follow a specific editorial calendar, or build workflows for different stages in the sales and marketing funnels. The great thing about Ontraport is you don’t need a lot of existing knowledge about automation to get started. The visual and intuitive campaign builder comes with access to pre-made campaign ideas to help you with getting started.

When you design an automation campaign, you’ll get a checklist to help you ensure everything is set up properly for your communication plan. Ontraport also supports you in collaborating on campaigns with another member of your team. You can share workflows seamlessly with other users, and even design templates to sell to other Ontraport customers.

3.    Excellent Forms and Sales Pages

Before you can start leveraging the full benefits of an amazing email marketing solution, you need a list full of subscribers who want to receive your messages. Fortunately, Ontraport can help with that. The pages and forms section of Ontraport is specially built for marketers, to help them drive more conversions and subscriptions.

You can design customized forms and use Ontraport to collect information about where your audience members come from. Ontraport tracks lead sources for you automatically, so you know exactly which of your campaigns are having the best impact on your results.

Ontraport also has a lot of different options for the kinds of forms and pages you can build. You can design a simple pop-up form or create an entire landing page or built-in membership site. Ontraport even allows you to build landing pages for your products with built-in sales technology. This means you’re more likely to get a purchase when someone clicks on one of your links.

4.    Flexible Email Building Editor

Ontraport ensures you can get more from your messages to customers, with an individual, personalized experience for each of your target segments. The service allows you to use the same block-based editor for designing emails, landing pages, and sign-up forms. This also means that once you’ve learned how to use the system for one thing, you can easily use it for the rest too.

There’s a wide selection of pre-designed blocks to choose from, including dividers, slideshows, headers, and functional elements too. You can implement social media buttons, countdown timers, coupon offers, and a host of other engaging features, then add each of your emails to your automated campaigns.

To improve your chances of getting the best results from your emails, Ontraport also gives you plenty of chances to put your designs to the test. You can use A/B testing to see when one design performs better than another, and track things like open rates and click-through rates within your Ontraport dashboard.

Users even have the option to combine their email marketing efforts with an SMS marketing campaign too, so you can reach your audience on multiple channels.

5.    Amazing Customer Service

Ontraport makes designing and implementing your email campaigns much easier. After you’ve tested out the software with your 14-day free trial, and you sign up for your paid package, you can expect an amazing level of customer support.

Live chat guidance is available when you can’t afford to wait around for someone to come back to you from an email support ticket. There’s also phone support available seven days a week, and a host of fantastic self-help resources too.

The self-help resources include a wide selection of articles built specifically for different parts of the Ontraport environment. You can also reach out for assistance from the super-active Facebook group, and wider Ontraport community.

As you’re building your emails, the Ontraport system will also give you helpful tips and guidance as you work. The platform comes with a ton of handy tips, and all you need to do is click on the info icon on the bottom of the screen if you want to learn more about the page you’re on.

6.    Great for Membership Companies

If your business focuses specially focuses on selling memberships for things like educational opportunities, courses, and online services, then you’ll be right at home with Ontraport. There are a ton of “setup wizards” within Ontraport which mean you can set up your campaigns to reach specific goals much faster.

The membership solutions include a persuasive set of sales funnel tools, and a membership starter kit, complete with the option to build stunning sign-up pages. You can use a pre-made sales funnel to guide customers towards free downloads to improve conversions, and there are tools for webinar promotion and subscription management too.

As an extra bonus, Ontraport also comes with a testimonial and survey generator system, so you can collect crucial social proof from customers, and improve your online reputation. It’s a brilliant all-in-one environment for sales and marketing.

Who is Ontraport Best For?

As one of the more versatile all-in-one tools for marketing and customer support, Ontraport is flexible enough to accommodate almost every kind of business. The Ontraport ecosystem is specially built for education-focused organizations, however, with a lot of extra support for those offering lessons. There’s also a lot of guidance for membership-focused websites.

You even get membership starter kits to help with converting your audience, webinar promotion funnels, subscription management, and surveys.

Of course, the sensational customer support, and versatile range of features means you should be able to leverage some excellent results from Ontraport – regardless of which industry you belong to. There are salespeople and marketers all around the world relying on Ontraport today and getting excellent results from their campaigns.

We’d definitely recommend Ontraport as a powerful tool for businesses keen to get their organization up and running online fast, with tons of behind-the-scenes insights and fantastic editing options. The biggest downside for most people will be the pricing. Although you do get a wide selection of advanced tools with Ontraport, they come with a pretty hefty price tag. This makes the service a little less accessible for smaller companies and start-ups.

On the plus side, if you do think Ontraport might be right for your business and you want to put it to the test fist, there’s a 14-day free trial, so you don’t have to commit immediately.

Using Ontraport for Email Marketing

Ontraport is a genuinely impressive email marketing tool built to help you reach your campaign goals faster and connect with customers on a deeper level. You’ll have access to countless features which would otherwise require additional software and tools. Whether you need a powerful CRM, follow-up lead nurturing, or SMS marketing, Ontraport has it all. Why not give it a try?





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