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7 of the Best Email Marketing Plugins for Shopify


Email marketing works best when it’s integrated with your online store, or website.

When your site and email marketing strategy are connected, you can send automated emails when you upload a new blog, or immediately inform subscribers when you launch a new product.

It also means you can implement transaction emails that boost trust with your target audience. For instance, you can let them know when their purchase is likely to arrive, or just thank them for their order. For eCommerce business owners, Shopify stands out as one of the most reliable, and effective tools for site-building on the market.

As an extra bonus, Shopify also happens to have a huge application store, where you can find integrations to various email marketing tools.

Here are some of the best email marketing plugins you can try for Shopify.

1.    Sendinblue

Among the most popular products for email automation, Sendinblue is an affordable software provider that offers not just email marketing, but SMS and live chat too. The dedicated email plugin for Shopify means you can sync all of your contacts, and track orders, to provide your subscribers with more effective email campaigns.

There’s a built-in editor available within the plugin, so you can build emails just like you would in the official Sendinblue application. What’s more, you can access the various segmentation features on Sendinblue to personalize your messages based on your audience.

One of the best things about the Sendinblue plugin is that you can access your SMS and email campaigns in the same place, along with a dedicated CRM. This gives you tons of ways to build relationships with clients. There’s also a dedicated SMTP server just for transactional emails.

Pricing: You can download the Sendinblue plugin for Shopify for free, but this will limit you to 200 emails per day. Paid plans start at around $25 for 10,000 messages.

2.    Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a very well-known email marketing provider, and a great solution for building landing pages too. Within Constant Contact’s plugin, you can design entire email automations with AI enhancements, to intelligently strengthen bonds with your customers.

Most people love Constant Contact for its fantastic automation editor, and the options you have for segmenting your customers. You can drag and drop your way to a stunning email template, and even build designs from scratch to match your branding.

Constant Contact is a great choice if you’re keen to create campaigns for your shoppers that follow them all the way through the purchasing cycle. The emails look professional, and they come with fantastic deliverability rates too.

Pricing: You’ll spend $5 per month to download and use the Constant Contact email integration. You also need to have a plan with Constant Contact, which starts at around $20 for 500 subscribers.

3.    Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a highly professional email marketing plugin for Shopify, that focuses heavily on data. If you’re all about sending customized emails to your target audience, then this could be the solution for you. The dynamic data collection function means that you can easily collect and store valuable information about your audience, which you then leverage to deliver delightful experiences.

Like Sendinblue, the Klaviyo app isn’t just for email marketing, it can assist with form creation and SMS campaigns too. You can integrate all of your data with Shopify in a single click, and track analytics to see what you need to do to make more sales.

The automated experience creator is extremely easy to use, with options for everything from welcome messages, to abandoned cart series. You’ll also be able to access dynamic forms, best-in-class segmentation, and excellent personalization and targeting. This is a delightful email tool, great for any professional team.

Pricing: You can access the entire Klaviyo platform on a free-forever plan, but this only applies to accounts with under 250 contacts. You’ll need to upgrade to monthly pricing depending on the size of your list after that.

4.    Active Campaign

Another top provider of email marketing solution, Active Campaign has its very own plugin for Shopify. The email marketing for Shopify plugin is perfect for running highly adjustable segmented campaigns that ensure deeper connections with your audience. You can turn each message into a more personalized experience with dynamic elements, and even follow up on abandoned carts.

Highly well respected for its strong automation elements, and its ability to increase average order value, Active Campaign is a top choice for plenty of business owners. You can create custom segments with ease, deliver emails automatically to customers at the best time for conversion, and track crucial analytics.

Active Campaign is all about making sure companies don’t leave money and opportunities on the table with their email marketing. You can upsell and cross-sell to shoppers with a single click, and access a range of meaningful data reports to see which of your campaigns drive the most conversions. All that, and you get to stay within Shopify.

Pricing: Pricing for Active Campaign starts with the Lite package at $15 per month, for up to 3 users, and unlimited sending. It’s $70 per month for the next package up, and prices range to $279 per month if you need a full enterprise experience.

5.    Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor offers the “CM Commerce” email marketing plugin for Shopify. Within this plugin, you’ll find all the tools you need to send automated emails to customers, complete with segmentation. You can access smart tools to send your emails at just the right time to encourage conversions. Campaign Monitor is also excellent for your social proof strategy, because it helps with collecting reviews.

The simple and effective Shopify integration takes the stress out of your email marketing efforts by giving you plenty of pre-made automation templates to choose from. You can access things like receipts for purchases, and abandoned cart emails.

The product review feature for Campaign Monitor is one of the top features that helps it to stand out among other email marketing plugins for Shopify. You can even ask customers for visual product reviews and allow them to upload photos and videos.

Pricing: While the plugin for Campaign Monitor is free to use, you will need a plan with the full email marketing service. This means you’ll have to pay around $9 per month to begin with, and the cost increases based on your number of subscribers.

6.    Drip: Email Marketing

The Drip email marketing plugin for Shopify is a complete automation tool to enhance your Shopify store. According to the team behind Drip, this service will help with building stronger customer relationships and keeping track of client activity across various channels. You can access email marketing here, but there’s also support for lead forms, SMS, and other automations.

Drip promises a way to take your campaigns far beyond the email inbox, with an end-to-end set of strategies for nurturing your clients through every step of the buyer journey. You can automate your marketing based on things like abandoned carts and contact triggers. There’s also plenty of access to customer data.

If data is important to your marketing campaigns (like it is to most business owners), you’ll love Drip. There are plenty of great reports available within this plugin, intended to help you segment your audience more effectively. You’ll also get A/B testing functionality too.

Pricing: The price for Drip starts at an average of $19 per month, with increases based on the number of people you’re sending messages too. The price comes with access to A/B testing, unlimited user accounts, and automated customer journeys, among other things.

7.    Omnisend

Finally, Omnisend is an email and SMS marketing plugin for Shopify, intended to help business owners sell more. When you download Omnisend for Shopify you’ll get a platform where you can recover abandoned carts with automated emails, send push notifications, and track customer experience all in the same space.

There are various newsletter and campaign templates available to get you started with your creations. You can also drag and drop some aspects into place to ensure that everything looks fantastic without any coding required. Omnisend, like many of the Shopify plugins mentioned here, also comes with a wide range of segmentation options. You can segment customers based on behavior, purchases, and other properties too.

The Omnisend solution also means that you can combine your email with SMS notifications, so you can reach your customers on more channels and improve your chances of repeat purchases. There’s also the option to choose from signup, popup, and other tools to collect leads.

Pricing: It’s free to install the Omnisend plugin, but you will need to pay for an email marketing plan with the company, starting at around $16 per month. The more subscribers you have, the more you’ll need to pay.

Good Luck with Your Email Marketing

There you have it, a selection of fantastic email marketing plugins for your Shopify store. All it takes is a click of a button, and you’ll be on your way to amazing email campaigns in no time.



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