3, 2, 1…Lift Off: Tips for Incredible Product Launch Emails


The day of your product launch as drawing closer.

You’ve spent years developing the perfect offer for your customers, fine-tuning every feature until it’s perfect. Now, all you need to do is make sure that your customers are as excited as you are.

So, how do you do that?

Product launch emails are the perfect option.

Email generates about 40 times more customers than Twitter and Facebook combined.

Used as a way to herald the arrival of your new business, product, or service, product launch emails are a fantastic opportunity to generate incredible hype.

Just like any other strategy designed to excite and engage your audience; however, emails for your product launch must be carefully planned and timed. To help you make the perfect introduction to your new delivery, we’ve put together some top tips for fantastic product launch emails.

Let’s get ready to launch.

1. Use Surveys to Prep Your Campaign

First, make sure that you have plenty of time to generate excitement before the date of your official launch. A great product launch campaign should start with a promotional campaign that’s intended to tease your audience and familiarize your contacts with your upcoming service or product.

However, before you can start building anticipation among your customers, you’ll need to start by learning a little more about them. A survey email gives you an insight into what your customers are likely to be more excited about when it comes to your new product. Once you have this information, you can tailor your email copy accordingly.

For instance, check out this survey from GrowHack, which led to a 10% response rate.

Product launch emails: growhack

When sending your initial survey emails, don’t try and sell anything. Remember, the whole point is that you’re trying to figure out who’s interested in your upcoming announcement.

Try and tailor your offer to the problems you discover in your surveys. Besides collecting information on audience pain points, survey emails are also a fantastic way to establish a personalized connection with your following and show them that you care too! Your readers will appreciate the fact that you’re trying to deliver a product that matches their needs.

2. Give Some Valuable Information

One of the easiest ways to generate excitement among your audience is to give them some useful information about the product or service you’re going to be delivering. The “give” email in your campaign is how you earn attention from your customers and offer something in return.

For instance, an informational paper about your upcoming product, a report from your industry, or even a free demonstration serves multiple purposes. First, it shows your audience that you’re keen to deliver something that they need. Second, your willingness to provide something valuable highlights the worth that you have as a connection for your customers. Third, you’re actively showing people why they should care about your new product.

For instance, Hubspot gave away 25 proven sales email templates to highlight the value of their email marketing tools. This simple offer was enough to showcase the company’s thought leadership and get people excited about what Hubspot could provide.

Hubspot templates

3. Get People to Join Your VIP List

Not everyone on your email list will want to hear about (or buy) your new product. To make sure that you’re focusing on the warmest leads in your collection, make sure that you gauge interest by asking people to opt-in again.

Let your customers know that you’re launching a new product or service. In this email, make sure that you highlight the benefits that the product has to offer your customers. Remember, your audience wants to know what’s in it for them. Additionally, at the bottom of the email, ask people to sign up for a VIP list, so that they can be the first to know when the new product arrives.

Look at how Quip generates excitement for its new toothbrush range, for instance.

Quip email

Asking people to let you know if they’re interested in your new product or not ensures that you send your launch people to the right segments in your list.

4. Answer Customer Questions

Once you start telling people that you have a new product coming out, you’re sure to generate a few questions in response. People will want to know things about your offer, including how much it’s going to cost, why it’s essential, and how they can get it.

Sending out an email before your launch, which answers your customer’s questions helps to remove some of the friction from the buying cycle. It means that by the time you launch your product, there will be nothing left to hold your customers back or stop them from making that purchase.

Grovemode email

In the example above, notice how GroveMade doesn’t fill its email with too much content. Remember that some of the people on your list might not be able to read through a considerable FAQ if they’re checking email on their phone.

A button with “Learn More” written on it can guide people back to a landing page on your website when they’re ready to hear about your new product. You can even put a sign-up form on that page where people can join your VIP list if they haven’t already.

Answering customer questions before launch will also free up your customer service team when your product goes live.

5. Generate Excitement with Anticipation Emails

Hopefully, every email in your product launch campaign will help to create excitement. However, some of your messages will be more tailored to anticipation than others. Mysterious emails that highlight some of the unique features of your upcoming products or insights into the reasons why you’re launching your new product are great for this.

For instance, take a look at’s email to subscribers interested in their future business. The company details the journey of a filmmaker to create more suspense among its target audience. Not only that, but interviews with leading authorities in the industry also highlight the thought leadership and credibility of the brand. email

You could take a similar approach by sharing your sales funnel strategy with some influencers in your space. Influencers will help to spread hype for your upcoming product and give more power to your brand as it continues to grow.

Use your anticipation emails correctly, and you might even be able to convince your audience to share your message with their friends and followers. The more this happens, the higher chance will be of going viral.

6. Give Early Subscribers a Special Offer

Make sure that your audience knows that they’ve made the right decision by signing up to be part of your VIP product launch email list. Customers like to feel special – like they’re part of an elite or exclusive crowd. With that in mind, it’s worth offering a special discount to your most dedicated customers.

When people sign up to be part of your product launch list, affirm their decision by giving them access to an early subscriber offer. This might mean giving them a discount, or access to a unique feature or demo ahead of time.

Check out this example of an offer email from Behance for instance:

Behance offer email

As well as reminding people of the exciting features of the new product, this email also highlights how a customer can get a 20% discount. The offer both generates more excitement about the upcoming product and improves the chances that your customers will jump into action when your launch begins.

Often, convincing clients to take that leap and make a purchase is the toughest part of the conversion journey for a business.

7. Stay Consistent to your Closing Email

Finally, remember that a series of promotional emails for your product launch is all about sealing the deal with your customers and generating sales. Often, the best way to achieve success is to overcome your customer’s concerns with a consistent message that puts their mind at rest.

Look at this series of emails from ReNew, for instance. The company starts with a mysterious statement to get people interested:

Renew welcome email

By the time ReNew reached its closing email, it had provided plenty of useful information to customers, generated excitement, and created a community around a shared cause.

What’s more, the emails maintained the same format and color scheme to create familiarity with customers and deepen the relationship with the brand.

Renew closing email

Consistency might seem like a simple strategy when it comes to generating success with your product launch emails, but it’s a crucial way to make your customers feel more comfortable about investing in the unknown.

Finishing Thoughts

Launching a product is an exciting process, but it’s also a big challenge for many companies.

Customers won’t naturally be excited about your product until you take the time to help them understand what you have to offer. The tips above will help you to create a launch campaign that builds the buzz around your brand just in time for your launch.

Good luck designing a product launch campaign that takes your company’s sales into the stratosphere!


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